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i omitted something super important to my story! 
8th-Nov-2005 08:20 pm
I was thinking after i wrote my story, that i have another quite big separate coming out story pertaining to my father, and the love of my life, Tiff...

it was the summer of my freshman year... and i was totally lonely. thinkin 'hell, i get no love!' and i had been posting on a site for teens.
one day, i get this IM from this girl... i had never talked to her before, but something drew me to her. we talked and talked for hours on end, about random shit... love, happiness, favorite color, you name it! her name was Tiffany... i just adore that name come to think of it.
we had talked for almost 3 months before we had discussed meeting each other. i was 15 and she was 17, which was also kind of a concern. she only lived about an hour and a half away, so we thought, 'hey! why not!' so, on one hot as hell summer day... she drove to me
3 lost hours later, she calls me from a payphone... 'hey... im lost, can you tell me how to get to you? im at the Home Depot' i told her i would walk to her...
it was the longest walk of my life.. i was so nervous... would she like me? would she KISS me? would she touch me? oh hell, ive never kissed a gal before.
then i saw her... sitting in her older honda civic, waiting and watching for me...
i took the long walk to her car... and saw her face... i have never seen anything so beautiful... our eyes connected... as well as our hearts.
i took a seat in her car, aching to meet my lips with hers, but failing miserably. we drove home, shaking and silent.
once we got home, she called her mom to let her know that she got to my house okay, while i sat mesmerized.
once she was finished with her phone call, she came to sit by me... moved herself closer and closer...
and touched me... shivers down my spine... tingles on the back of my neck, moving my soul inside and outside the realms of consciousness. we started innocent flirting, tickling each other, touching... closer closer... i leaned closer... she leaned even closer... our lips, just milimeters from one another... our eyes met, sealing our love for all eternity, with a kiss...
a kiss so passionate. so dear to me,i can feel every second of it in my heart, in my soul.. i never forget those first few seconds of the rest of my life... all within this one kiss. i remember the silk of her skin... the tenderness of her lips... the lips i still kiss to this day... i love her so dearly. tiffany paved the way for her and i to walk through the coming out process together, she came out to her family.. i came out to my father. (who hates me, by the way) and we are still going so very strong.. so very loving... so very much forever and always...
until the end.
((im sorry, i was thinking of her, i had to write this, she means too much to be omitted... baby i love you))
9th-Nov-2005 02:00 am (UTC)
omg that is the sweetest story!
you two are so blessed!
9th-Nov-2005 02:20 am (UTC)
shes the most amazing thing i have ever met.... i say thing because so much can influence who you are... she influences me the most. to be creative, to love, to lust, to die for, to live for... to live period. shes all-inspiring.
9th-Nov-2005 03:42 am (UTC)
beautiful story *tear*

11th-Nov-2005 09:00 pm (UTC) - Omg...
That has got to be the cutest thing ever!!

You're so lucky you had someone to stand by you through that. :)
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